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Creative Movement

- Toddler

(ages 2 yrs)

This class is an excellent introduction to the world of dance. A parent/guardian is invited to participate in the class to help students become comfortable with the dance studio. The instructor uses a variety of songs, rhymes, and physical exercises to build the child’s coordination and motor skills while encouraging their imagination. The songs and exercises are presented through creative play as this is a proven way that children learn best. The instructor will also work with the parent/guardian to help prepare students to enter the dance space on their own. Each child is different, though, so there is never any pressure for them to do the class without the parent/guardian present.

Our Toddler class does not participate in the year-end Recital/Performance.


- Pre-School 1 & 2

(ages 3-4 yrs)

These classes focus on developing the dancer’s musicality and coordination through creative play, songs, action rhymes and storytelling. The work done in this class helps develop fine-motor and locomotor skills, coordination, and spatial awareness. The program is also used to build a base for future dance classes. The classes are structured around a specific theme - we usually go on a "trip" somewhere (i.e. - to the zoo, beach, etc.), and most of the exercises relate to that theme. While we do sometimes offer a combined Pre-school 1 and 2 class, we generally keep them separate because teachers do follow specific lesson plan developed for each level.

Students have the option to participate in our year-end Recital. 

Ballet Foundation

(ages 5 & up)

These classes focus on building a foundation in classical ballet. Teachers follow a specific syllabus that Artistic Director Jannine Saarinen has developed over the years to help teach students basic technique. As in our Creative Movement classes, the exercises continue to use creative play as a method to help children learn. The dancers are also gradually introduced to a more traditional ballet class format.

Students have the option to participate in our year-end Recital. 

Ballet Program – SCBVM – The Society of Classical Ballet (Vaganova Method):

* Ballet Exams are available for SRB classes, but are not mandatory

(ages 7 & up)


These classes focus on teaching classical ballet technique using the SCBVM syllabus. Teachers also supplement this with material from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Cecchetti methods to ensure students are strong and versatile. Ballet is a serious art form; however, it is important to us that we are also encouraging each student’s creativity and love of movement.

Students have the option to participate in our year-end Recital. If they decide to take part in the performance, a costume payment would be required prior to Dec. 15th, 2022.

Ballet examinations are available to students who wish to participate but are not mandatory. To be considered for examinations, students must enroll in a session of extra exam classes prior to the exams to ensure that they are sufficiently prepared. The number of extra classes in the session depends on the level. Students in Level 5 ballet and up must be enrolled in two ballet classes per week for the entire season to be considered for examinations.



(by audition only) 

Dancers in Level 5 and up who decide that they wish to train more seriously in ballet may be allowed to take Pointe class. This is where a dancer performs many of their movements on the tips of the toes while wearing hard-toed pointe shoes. Pointe is very demanding and can cause serious injuries to students who begin pointe before they are ready. Due to this, dancers must be approved by their teacher, or the Artistic Director, prior to joining this class and getting their pointe shoes. Some factors in deciding when pointe shoes are appropriate include foot strength and flexibility, core and leg strength, as well as a sufficient understanding of ballet technique in general. If a student is not ready for pointe but wishes to take this class to help build-up their strength, they may be allowed to enroll with the understanding that they work on demi-pointe in their regular ballet slippers.



(ages 9 & up)

This class combines Modern and Contemporary dance. Modern dance is a theatrical dance form that is less formal than classical ballet and more abstract than many other styles. It focuses on using the body as an expressive instrument, as well as creating patterns by moving through space. Teachers use elements from both the Graham and Limon methods. Contemporary dance incorporates elements from many dance forms, along with the teacher’s individual style of movement. It focuses on moving in new and exciting ways while developing each dancer’s individual voice.

Students have the option to participate in our year-end Recital. 


Musical Theatre 

(ages 5 & up)

This class combines music, song, dance, and dialogue. Students learn acting skills and develop their vocal abilities in combination with dance. Throughout the year, dancers will learn routines to various songs from Musicals such as Annie, Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast and more.

Students have the option to participate in our year-end Recital. 


(ages 5-12 yrs)

This combination class introduces students to both Jazz and Tap. Half of the class is spent on each dance form, and dancers will have the opportunity to perform each style in the year-end Recital. The Junior levels of this program lay out an excellent foundation for further training in either Jazz or Tap dance, and the Intermediate levels further develop these skills.

Students have the option to participate in our year-end Recital.



(ages 13 & up)

Jazz Dance is a theatrical jazz smooth, modern Broadway style of dance. Like Jazz music, Jazz Dance relies strongly on rhythm. A major element in music theatre and motion pictures, this dance is energetic with dancers using different parts of their body, such as shoulders, pelvis and head in isolated movements. It has its foundation in ballet and therefore all jazz students are strongly encouraged to enroll in ballet class. Students will learn a variety of styles from 'Broadway' to contemporary. Jazz is offered to students aged 9 years old & up.

Students have the option to participate in our year-end Recital.


(ages 13 & up)

Tap dance melds dance with music and has a strong focus on percussive patterning. Dancers wear tap shoes (shoes with small metals plates attached to both the toes and heels) which allow them to create sounds and rhythms with their feet. Tap dance has a rich history, and many different styles of tap have been developed over the years. Teachers will work on several of these styles, as well as encourage each student’s understanding of dance as a performance art.

Students have the option to participate in our year-end Recital. 

Hip Hop 

(ages 5 & up)

Hip Hop is an upbeat and energetic dance form often seen in music videos.

Teacher’s incorporate the latest 'street style' . Hip-Hop is a cultural movement


Students have the option to participate in our year-end Recital. 


(ages 5 & up)

Lyrical dance is mainly rooted in jazz technique, but also draws from other dance forms such as ballet and contemporary. It tends to be more expressive than jazz and focuses on relaying a specific mood or emotion. Lyrical dance is performed to modern music (usually slower songs), and the movements used often reflect the lyrics that are being danced to. A feeling of suspension and length are common in this style of dance.

Students have the option to participate in our year-end Recital. 


(ages 5 & up)

level assesment required (please contact our office)

This class combines acrobatic movements with other dance forms such as Jazz and Contemporary dance. This class focuses on building a dancer’s flexibility, strength, agility, and control. Some of the tricks that students may learn include cartwheels, rolls, handstands, and walkovers. Over the years, the circus arts have gained in popularity making this a very popular class. We strongly suggest that students enroll in at least one other dance class (such as ballet or jazz) to safely ensure that they are strong enough to avoid injury. Acro is a physically demanding class, so it is important that the dancers understand that they will each progress at their own rate and should not compare themselves to the other students in the class. Teachers will mainly follow the Acrobatics Arts Syllabus.

Students have the option to participate in our year-end Recital.

Super Kids Program:

(ages 4-6 yrs)

This high-energy class is all about having fun moving our bodies and connecting with the music. As a mixed movement class, it combines elements from several styles of dance, including Creative Movement, Jazz, Hip Hop and Acro. Teachers of this class use a variety of music to fully engage the dancers. This program is perfect for the child who loves to move and dance but does not seem interested in, or is not quite ready for, a more traditional dance class.

Superkids Dance does not participate in the year-end Recital/Performance. This way there there is no pressure for them to learn a specific dance or perform in front of a lot of people.

Adult Drop-in Program:
Adult Contemporary *Drop-in

Adult Ballet *Drop-in

Adult Barre Stretch/Strength *Drop-in

Adult Hip Hop *Drop-in

Teen/Adult Tap *Drop-in

Our Adult Drop-in Program is great for those interested in using dance as a form of fitness, and want a fun creative way of staying in shape. The "drop-in" aspect allows people to decide how often they come based on their personal schedule. Older teens are also welcome to attend these classes.

Please note, while some of our adult clients have had experience with dance in the past, we also have many who are brand new to dance. As a result, teachers always make sure they provide several variations to the exercises to accommodate the various levels within the class. 

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