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Jay9 Dance Share Program

Tap Dance Class

6 months into Jay9 Dance Centre’s inaugural season, our doors like everywhere else had to close. Re-opening in September is going to be a challenge. It depends on government regulations allowing the opening of schools such as ours, it relies on the confidence of students to come back into a space with other dancers and it relies on families being able to afford extracurricular activities such as dance and the arts. We have set up this fundraising initiative to help fund a scholarship for dance students in need, as well as assist the studio with the costs and contractual obligations due to COVID-19.

The Jay9 Dance Share program will cover half the tuition for those students and families who have been affected by COVID-19 financially. It will also help the studio with the recovery costs so we can continue sharing our love of dance.


Donate by E-Transfer

You can donate by E-Transfer to the email:

Please put "Dance Share" in the memo

Donate in Person

In person donations at the studio are welcome

Unfortunately, we are not able to give tax receipts for this program.


Jay9 Dance Centre believes that dance, in addition to being a great form of exercise, can be an important part of a person's health and well-being. Dance promotes creativity and self-expression, as well as encourages confidence and strong self-esteem. We strive to view each student as an individual in order to help them achieve their specific goals. We welcome all recreational dancers, whether they wish to attend one dance class per week or ten.

Information for students on how to apply for the Dance Share Program coming soon

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