COVID-19 Safety

Updated – March 1, 2022

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            We take the health and well-being of our students and their families very seriously. Our procedures regarding the COVID-19 pandemic are listed below. Please read them carefully, and we ask that you respect them while in our shared space. These procedures will be updated as health regulations are altered and/or new information is made available.

Please understand that these procedures are in place for everyone’s safety, and staff will not tolerate any abuse regarding these policies.


Vaccination Policy:

Jay9 Dance Centre will continue to implement our COVID-19 Vaccination Policy until at least March 31, 2022. This means ---

  • All dance students 12 years old and above must show us proof of vaccination upon registration. Students 11 years-old and under are exempt from this rule as long as their sole purpose for entering the building is dance training (i.e., taking class).

  • Parents/guardians, and siblings 12-years-old and up, are required to show proof of vaccination if they wish to wait in the building while their child is in class. Parents/guardians will not be checked if they are just entering the building to walk their child down the stairs and get them settled (i.e., to help them use the washroom prior to class), but are asked to leave as soon as possible after that. They are also allowed to enter the building to complete any transactions which cannot be done online or by phone at home, or to purchase dancewear or merchandise.

  • We ask that you please have proof of vaccination each time you come to the studio in case one of our staff members requests to see it.

  • Persons exempt from being vaccinated due to medical reasons must provide a written document, completed and supplied by a physician or registered nurse in the extended class, that sets out a documented medical reason for not being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and the effective time-period for the medical reason.


Drop-off & Pick-up:

  • Students should wash or sanitize their hands upon arrival at the studio, as well as at the end of their dance class.

  • As outlined above, Parents/guardians are permitted to wait in the waiting area during their child’s class; however, they are encouraged NOT to do so whenever possible.


* If a dancer is 2-5 years old, or cannot use the bathroom without help, the above request does not apply if the parent/guardian is fully vaccinated. Whenever possible, please have only one adult bring the dancer.

  • Students should arrive as ready to go as possible to minimize their need to use the changerooms and washrooms – please do your best not to arrive more than 10 minutes early for class

  • We are asking clients with admin. questions to contact us via telephone or email as much as possible, rather than in person. Automatic payments are also strongly encouraged.


  • Please note that many of the above points are to help minimize the number of people in our building at one time; however, we understand that at some points parents will need to enter the space to speak with our office staff or supervise their children. Any government regulations regarding building capacity and COVID-19 will be followed.



  • As of March 1st, we will no longer be actively screening people as they enter the building; however, we would like to remind everyone that the waivers signed upon registration includes “Section A.2” which states that you and/or your child will not enter the building if you are symptoms related to COVID-19 This includes a new or worsening fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat (trouble swallowing), runny nose, loss of taste or smell, nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea.

(Please note that refunds will not be given for missed classes. While in-person make-up classes are not guaranteed we do our best to offer make-up class options. In lieu of in-person make-up classes, students/parents may also a video dance class which students will be able to follow along with at home. This video may not be in the same style or have the same teacher as their usual class)

  • Accurate Attendance Sheets will be kept of all students who attend classes each day



  • Masks will continue to be always worn in the building until further notice, except for children 2 years of age and under (we have adult & child disposable masks available for those who need one). Teachers will give extra water breaks to be sure students are comfortable (please send your dancer with a water bottle). Teachers will also check-in verbally with the dancers throughout the class to be sure they are not over-heating.


Social Distancing & Capacity:

  • Individuals are still asked to stay distanced as much as possible while in our common areas

  • We will continue to limit the amount of people in the building at any one time to 40 people

  • The blinds for each studio will unfortunately need to stay partially closed during classes to help us avoid parents crowding by the windows (this policy will be removed as soon as possible)

  • Class sizes limits will remain in effect (depending on the age of the students and the room they are dancing in) to allow us to maintain a safe distance during our classes

  • We are excited to work on more travelling and patterning steps during classes, but we will continue to make our best effort to maintain distance during these exercises.

  • Teachers will focus on giving students visual and verbal cues throughout their lessons. If a hands-on correction is needed, teachers will use hand-sanitizer prior to giving the correction unless a safety concern requires a faster response time.

  • Partner work and hand-holding exercises will still be avoided until further notice



  • The building will be thoroughly cleaned regularly to ensure a safe environment

  • Hand-sanitizer will be readily available throughout the building

  • Student may receive individual dance props (i.e. - wind scarves) that will not be shared and will be clearly labelled. If there are any exception to this (i.e. - some instruments, exercise bands, etc.), students will use hand sanitizer after use

  • Any shared items (such as barres and mats) will be sanitized regularly

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